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Lag on 2000 rx

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Whenever I go a little bit slower on the rx it sometimes bogs down when I really squeeze the throttle. Supposedly it has done that from day 1 (I just bought it). Seems like it may be loading up. Has anyone ever heard of this being a problem with rx's?
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is that carbed, i keep forgetting?
actually it can carbed or directly injected (rx-di) so I should have specified in the original post that it is the carbed version.

Oh and I realize that I probably need to adjust the carbs but I am not sure whether it is loading up or hesitating because it is running lean. I highly suspect rich though, because we had to change the plugs to get it to do over 3000 rpms (after a weekend of people riding it a lot who dont like to go all that fast). How hard is it to get at those carbs to alter how much fuel it is getting? Any guides that you can point me to at all? I am pretty mechanically inclined but I like to know exactly what I am getting into (which of course is never a good estimate because something inevitably goes wrong).
buy factory manual
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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