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I am looking at the following skis:

1996 Yamaha Wave Venture 1100cc - 199.5 hours
1997 Yamaha Wave Venture 760cc - 109.5 hours

The would be mainly used around smaller lakes and every once in a while in the Great Lakes of Michigan. Top speed is not as important as pick-up and handling. We would like to tow on tube, skis, and wake-board for both adults and kids.

1. How can I find the market value for each of these skis?
2. Will either ski be able to pull an adult on water skis?
3. Where can I find the fuel efficiency for the skis? I am interested to find out the difference between the two.


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1. Used Boat Prices ? NADAguides Boat values, Marine prices and Outboard Motor prices
I have found that in general this guide tends to under price skis that are in really good condition. Best bet is to do a search (include Ebay) and see what similar skis are selling for. I'm guessing that you should be able to get both plus a trailer for less than $3000........just a guess.
2. You should be able to pull a skier or wake boarder with either ski. The 700 may struggle to pull a tube. The 700 will top out around 40-45, and the 1100 will top out around 48-53 if in good shape.
3. Don't know about fuel economy. Both are 2 strokes, so maybe not the greatest fuel efficiency. I've seen numbers for the 1100 at around 12g/h at full throttle, which is probably close. Expect approximately 1/2 that rate for normal cruising.

Both handle OK, but you will not get the stable ride that comes with newer models. More unstable with multiple riders or while towing as with all skis. Both give a fairly wet ride in choppy conditions.
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