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Looking for old stock part

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I am looking to find a new RH black knee pad for the 1999 X-45 (SLTX-B)...part number 5811762-070. Since it was only made for the X-45, which most know was a limited edition, they didn't make many extra for inventory. So, if anybody might know someone who might have old stock around, please let me know...thanks!
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Call Dan Schoephers (sp) he was saying he had everything!!!
ph2ocraft...sorry but I don't know who Dan S. you have a number or place/location of where he is at? Thanks!
Here's what you need, he used to run some of the Polaris divisions, great guy to talk with. You'll also like what he does now.

Dan Schroepfer
Director of Marketing & Sales
Weber Motor AG, Albert Weber GmbH, Weber Fibertech
3375 Warner Lane
Mound, MN 55364

Phone: 612-325-2615

E-Mail: [email protected]
Dan is down with health issues, last I heard. He hasn't emailed me in a while.
Called him at the number Al gave me but got the answering device...left a message. Hopefully I'll here back from him soon.
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