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I currently have an '07 GP1300R for myself and am looking at purchasing a '98 XL1200 for my girlfriend. I've owned a '98 GP1200 so I know they're great motors, but here's the thing with this one.... I will be buying it from the original owner, but he hasn't had it running since he winterized and stored it in 2002!

The ski is in absolutely mint condition, not a beach or dock mark on it. My concern is an engine that hasn't been run in 8 years. I went to look at it today and put my compression tester in the #1 cylinder, only to have his jump box die when my dial hit 110 psi. Cranked over 2 or 3 times.

I'm fairly confident the compression is fine as he has maintenance records for all of his summerizing and winterization, and the fact that he is 70 years old and it was his wife's ski....:)

The engine compartment and hull front & back is absolutely spotless, or I should say was. After we cranked the motor over I looked under the front storage compartment for a second time and there was a puddle of oil. I looked at the oil fill tube and found no cracks/leaks, nor did I in the tank it's self. Then I just grabbed the oil feed line going into the oil pump and my hand was covered with oil, every time I squeezed it more oil leaked. Should this be just a crack in the feed line or could the pump it's self be leaking? That is my main question, don't want to buy a ski with a bad injection pump, but if it's just the line no big deal.

Please let me know what y'all think on the oil leak and anything else I should look at on a ski that hasn't been run in 8 years. Thanks a ton in advance for any advice!!!!

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