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To begin I am a novice to this recreation. I have never owned a jetski or boat, but I feel now is the time with prices so cheap. I'd like a Yamaha and I found a used one in a good pricerange. Its a 95' raider. My questions are:
1. What would you pay for it?
2. Any noticeable flaws?
3. Is this model notorious for repairs?
4. Can you tow an inner tube on the back?




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I just recently bought a '95 Wave Raider. My buddy has a '94. One thing is for sure, its tippy. Easy for one rider to ride it. Two people and it gets dicey especially when trying to get back on to it in deep water.

Both of our Wave Raiders are pretty quick (~50 mph). While there are faster skis, 50 is good enough for me. I dont know if they will pull a tube or not - we're trying that this weekend. I'm thinking it will. The problem is likely to be in keeping an observer on the back.

There are folks on this board much more qualified than me to speak to price. I go out to e-Bay and look at what has sold. Seems like 1200 to 1500 is what people are asking, usually with a trailer. Then you have to factor in delivery.

I've done all of the work on my ski to get it running again (badly stored in the open for 5 years). Pretty easy to work on and parts have readily available. I'm a very recent member on this forum and it has already been a great help in debugging some issues.

Best of luck - Greg
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