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Hi all,
i've been a reader here for a while and have always found the answers i've needed using the search so thanks for all your help so far!

I have a problem on my 2002 Sea-doo GTX (carbs) where suddenly I lost nearly all drive. Giving some throttle provide a little forward motion (<5knots)but with a loud rattling sound.

I've taken her out the water and had a look but can't see anything obvious. Running her on the trailer sounds more noisy than usual and it seems to be from the impella area.

I unfortunately haven't had time to take anything apart as I'm away for work for a week :-(

What I would like to know is if anyone has any ideas what could be the problem.
If it's unknown then i'll wait and investigate at the weekend.
But if it's a common thing i'l get it booken into a dealer for repair so I can use again ASAP :)

Any advice of tips greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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