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I departerd Crab Creek Boat Ramp at Lynhaven Inlet today at 0700 and went straight to the Third Island of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. It was a little slopy, so I fished one of my favorite spots that was on the lee side of the Island. I caught 7 Tau Tog using fiddler crabs, kept 4 at 3-5lbs. I then live baited with spot over the spine of the tube and caught 4 slot Striped Bass between 30- 32 inches and one keeper at 22 inches. On the way back in I saw a seal for the first time this season, I barely got a picture of him. It was a great morning with sporty 3-4 footers so I could only go 20-25 mph. Back at the ramp at 1300 hrs. Now I have fresh fish to eat while I watch My Debut on TV tonight.

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