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Hey everyone, want to know what anyone thinks about this.

I have been browsing the internet looking at skis, wanted to buy 1 or 2, and I have noticed several ads with Sea Doo skis , with the asking price way, way below what they are worth. Anyway, the ads are legit, which makes me wonder if there is anything wrong with these particular ones, the owners have all said they are fine, excellent condition, etc. etc. etc. The models that I have seen lately are the late model Sea Doo RXT, RXP, and I think the GTX, somewhere in the 2005 , 2006 year range,

For example,,,, 2006 Sea Doo RXP & 2006 Sea Doo RXT, with trailer for $4000 , these things look immaculate

2006 Sea Doo RXT low hours $2000, with trailer, also great shape

(2) 2006 Sea Doo GTX , excellent shape, low hours, with custom Titan trailer $4600, these look like off the showroom floor.

These are legit ads, owners are actually selling, now heres a thing a lot of you probably know, may or may not, that I have found lately while researching some skis
Sea Doo seems to have had a problem with the ceramic washers in the supercharger coming apart in some of those late model year skis, I dont know the range or all the info, just a lot of reviews from owners who have had these particular model skis.
So you think its a scam by nature, but there are a lot of classifieds out there selling these skis awfully low, ridiculously low. Anyone have any more info than me, I have never had a Sea Doo, always Kawasakis, so Im not as familiar with them, but I have heard Sea Doos are the most repair prone. Thanks for any info, advice.

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99.9% of those too good to be true ads are scams. Would you sell a watercraft worth $10,000 for $2500? I don't think so. Tale tell signs of a scam are:

1) Ridiculously low (too good to be true) price

2) Only email given, never a phone number.

3) Usually some story of being "deployed overseas" or "have to leave the country" so must sell quickly, hence the great price.

4) Offers to ship the ski for free.

5) Asks you to wire money.

NEVER wire money to anyone!

They do this with cars too, usually high end models like BMWs or M-Bs for crazy low prices. Craigslist should really have some kind of system set up or people to watch for these scam ads and remove them quickly.
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