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Made the switch, help my pipes.

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I just wasn't getting the answers I needed at the usual hangout!!

All the good help went away, with a little reading though, I see there has been a "movement" if you will??

For those who didn't see it at the other forum, I have my pipes back for my 785 project. They look awesome, but I think they fell off the airplane during shipping.

Pics below, end of pipe mangled in shipping. Pretend the paint isn't there, or rather, of more concern is straightening the pipe, not the paint, how do I get the thing bent back to normal!

Leak tests are going well.

First two pics are just of the colors, last pic is the problem.


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Best suggestion I can think of would be to consult with a local machine shop to see if they can heat it and bend it back into shape.

Really it's gonna be difficult to put back as it should be since it has to be a relatively smooth circle so it can seal. Just to clarify, this is the end that uses a section of hose as an exhaust coupler right?
WOW i would be contacting the shipper ASAP.. was the box beat up?? that had to be some force to crunch that pipe. i think your gonna have big trouble getting them back round without mangling them..

you may be better off cutting that outer piece off the pipe and having a new outer piece welded on to get the length back to where it was and then weld the fitting back into the new piece???
I have a message to the shop that painted the pipes. They have been so good about the whole process though, and they look awesome. Plus I know its a good shop, so I hate to turn this into an issue. Hopefully they will make it easy.

The box was fine, and what I would consider properly packed. Two of them were actually screwed up, here is the other one, but to a much lesser extent:


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Gsxr has a good idea there, especially since you have to get a silicon hose to seal against it...

The damage looks to have happened before the pipes were painted. You should probably ask the paint shop what condition they arrived in.
but in the one that is real mangled, I see where some orange paint rubbed off, it rubbed onto the inner ring that you can see.
Oh, ok from the pics I couldn't see that damage!
I'll get a pic of it, but any smeared paint would of had to come after the job was done I think? Unless during the application it somehow happened.

Either way, whoevers fault it was, will be figured out eventually. I just need advice on what needs to be done (if anything) to fix it. Or is just finding another pipe going to be cheaper.

Great advice so far, like usual!
Okay, got a few things done.

1. Talked to the shipper/painter. Will do whatever necessary to correct problem. Knows fabricators who can turn dog shit into chandeliers.

2. Filed a claim with UPS, they will be here tomorrow to pick up and inspect damaged pipe. Hopefully they see it was a problem and this will be an easy fix. Maybe not an easy "fix" but at least one that myself nor the shipper have to pay for!

Down below are four pictures. The first two are of flat spots on the pipe. They look symmetrical so I *think* that is how they are supposed to be, plus it pretty much passes a leak test, I just have to clean up the threads for the nozzles, no leaks from the water jacket. Anyways, I just want to make sure that is normal, and that this pipe isn't totally fubar'd.

Last two pics are off what I would call my "proof" that the damage occurred after painting. Shipper says pipe definitely didn't leave like this.


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Hard to say about when the damage occurred. Honestly it doesn't matter a whole lot as to when the damage occurred. What does matter is how to fix it!

Keep us posted of what UPS decides, and I hope they don't keep your pipe for too long!!!
Exactly, fixing it is the most important part.

I agree and I hope their process isn't too long. In the meantime though I have an engine that is completely dissasembled and needs to go back together. Speaking of that, I better get on buying that new set of pistons from Atlantic Polaris.
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