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Major Help Required - Kawasaki JS550

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Hey People,
I have an older kawasaki js550 stand up.
The spark lead has snapped so no longer will start -- as i used to have this ski working fine but over time been having minor problems i want to fix it right up.

For the first though, do i have to replace the coil as well as the leads? i have been told you have to or you can dig them out and replace the leads.
Also after i have done that what else should i do to make sure it runs?
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buy a manual asap
I actually just went thru this. There is a company called that charges $65 to replace the wires and caps. You just send in the old coil and the turn around was only like 2 days so in my opinion it was worth it..the new ones look good.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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