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Hi everyone. I'm new to owning a jet ski of any kind. I picked up a 96 Polaris SLT 780 and it runs great. The problem is the MFD shows all zeros. The clock works, the voltage works and shows around 14-16 volts, the fuel and oil levels work, and the red warning light works (including showing oil as a word when the oil is low). Other than that there is nothing but zeros. No mph, rpm, distance, etc. I have checked both fuses in the electrical box, but both are fine. Wiring looks good. The connector on the back of the MFD looks fine. I did not pull the connector to check for corrosion yet. I did disconnect the battery and when I reconnected it I was very careful to ensure a one time connection. I am an electronic technician with years of experience. Any thoughts? I'm really loving riding this but would love for the display to function like the rest of the machine.
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