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need help!!

hi, well last sunday it was ment to be a great day riddin at the sea with my friend ..... but everything aftert half and hour later when bad... long story short my friend hitted a sand bar and got on my way, me trying to avoid hitting her straight from the back i cutted to the right but the sponson still got to her jestki and to her leg as a concequence now i have a gone sponson and my friend got 20 stiches around her leg, thanks god the cut was deep but it didnt damaged any musscle, ligament or bone so she will be fine after some days.. but my ski since the sponson ripped the first nut was gone with washers and everything all of the other nuts stay tide but without the sponson, now i have a small hole on the hull, a new sponson is on his way but for much that i looked i couldnt find any good way to removed the old nuts and place the new one, now before i get to that part i need to patched the hole and i dont have any previous experience on dealing with fiberglass, if you guys could help me with any advice will be really apreciated the whole is not bigger that a quarter size i will be posting pics later today, by the way i ordered an used sponson which i doubt i comes with the hardware nedded, so i will need help there too, i owned a 1996 gsx thanks in advance
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