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I winterized my 2019 waverunner vx limited in Oct ('21). Filled up the tank + stabil. Took it the first time yesterday and it was running rough, which has never happened before.
Assuming (hoping) its just moisture in the gas. I added some fuel treatment for the moisture but havent had a chance to take it out yet.

Couple of questions:
1. Now that I've treated it, should I try to take it and run to see if I can 'burn' off the moisture. Tank is full right now, 18 gallons of gas. Don't want to foul the plugs (just put new ones in) and not 100% sure I can burn off the moisture b/c gas has been sitting for almost 8 months now. Maybe gas is too contaminated at this point. IDK.


2. siphon the gas out and refill w/ fresh gas. Under the steering I see the gas tank which has rubber gasket that's screwed in. Can i remove this gasket and siphon from the hole (pic of gas tank below)? I couldnt get the siphon tube into the tank from the gas cap hole.
Gas Cable Automotive lighting Gadget Wire

Option 1 would be easier but any suggestions/advice is appreciated. Thx.
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