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More starting issues

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i thought my electric box was bad so i bought a clean complete off someone...everything inside looks great and well taken care of.. so i really dont think thats the problem now, it cranks over and acts like it want to start but then it backfires out of the has spark,getin fuel, i just cant figure it out..can it be my stator..? thats the only thing i can think was doin the same thing with my original electric box...a few people told me it was the coil pack so i decided to replace all of it, after seein water and sand inside...can someone give me a idea of wut it might be...thanks
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Pull the flywheel and check the woodruff key. Sometimes they shear and it changes the timing . You will still have spark, and fuel, but it will just pop and fart.

I agree with this guy, Im a newbie when it comes to these skiies but I know if your backfiring through your intake(carb) then the intake is open at the point of ignition thus firing through the carb and it should be firing with all valves or reeds closed.
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