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It is a shame when accidents like this happen. I am sure a bit of edcuation would have resulted in 1 less dead person. :(

THE MOTHER of a British girl who was killed in a jet-ski accident two years ago, has been called to testify in the trial of the two owners of the rental company.

The decision to call the mother of the victim was yesterday made by the state prosecution.

Hannah Sutton, 16, from Alderley Edge, Cheshire was killed when her 17-year-old boyfriend James Alexander Dudley from Colwyn Bay, north Wales, crashed into her while she was in the water after falling off her jet-ski. The incident occurred on August 2, 2005

Dudley said he couldn’t turn in time when his girlfriend had fallen into the water and, after hitting her, both jet-skis then collided.

Sutton died from massive head injuries.

Both teenagers had rented out jet-skis in the Limassol resort of Pissouri from the two men on trial – Christakis Ioannou, 48, and his 31-year-old son Aristos.

Both men are charged with illegally renting out jet-skis to underage people.

During yesterday’s trial in which three officers testified, State Prosecutor Andreas Perikleous informed the judge that he would be calling on seven witnesses in the next court date including the victim’s mother Janet.

“We will make an effort to locate the mother of the victim who we believe is in England. We cannot guarantee that the witness will come but the necessary measures will be taken to notify her,” he told Limassol District Judge Demetris Kitsios.

Earlier in the day, two constables who had been called to the beach where the accident occurred as well as a photographer of Limassol CID had submitted their statements to the court as evidence.

“When I arrived the scene, Hannah Sutton lay badly injured on the sand after she had been taken out of the sea…she was pronounced dead on arrival at Limassol General Hospital,” said Constable Nicos Charalambous of Pissouri police station.

The court also heard of the damages to both jet-skis before being taken to Limassol Police Headquarters for criminal examination.

Aristos had initially been charged with committing an illegal act without intent which led to the death of Hannah Sutton.

But that charge was later dropped by Attorney-general Petros Clerides following a motion by defence lawyer Marios Elia.

A grief-stricken Dudley was fined around £2,000 by the same Limassol court after admitting causing his girlfriend's death due to negligence and riding a jet-ski underage and without a licence.

Sutton's family have never said they hold Dudley responsible – instead they blamed the Cypriot authorities for allowing youngsters to hire the watercraft.

According to legal sources, the defence would be willing to have the son make a plea change to guilty should the charge against the father be dropped by the prosecution.

Although Christakis is the actually owner of the business, it was his son who rented the jet-skis to the teenagers.

Both men are likely to be fined should they be found guilty.
The trial continues on March 15.
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