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OK, I'm scared to death. I just put in motor number four and the boat only has 64 hrs. The first motor was a factory motor under waranty. All the rest have been out of my pocket. I bought the SBT two year (premium) waranty 951 motor. Now there is no more waranty and my knees are knocking. Should I dump this ski, and let some other poor sole fight the problem? Or does someone have a idea? At each enginge failure the builges were bone dry. The break-in was maticulous on all motors. Ski never capsized. Motor number three, I only got three tanks of gas through before she let go. Water injustion was the failure mode in all cases. Could I have a cracked exhaust? That is one thing common to all the motors. Help me brother !
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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