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Does anyone know much about putting motorcycle speakers on our jet skis? After seeing someone a few weeks back with sets on both of his ski-doos I've been highly contemplating doing it. I came across a set offered by Cycle Acoustics Cycle Acoustics - Motorcycle Speakers & Helmets that seems to be competitively priced, I’ve seen from what I can tell some 100% identical systems on a few other sites I’ve been checking around on and they seem to run anywhere from $15-$70 more… and appear to be 50 less watts and don’t seem to have a very nice controller setup… And after all I’m a sucker for power and loudness ;) Oh, and there 100% waterproof incase anyone was thinking, this guys crazy!

Does anyone have a pair? I found some youtube video’s of them online and they sound fairly clear and loud, how do they perform when riding? I’ve been in the market for some motorcycle speakers for a while now, and can’t get myself to pay $300+ for a system but this 150watt system for $84.99 sounds like a fairly good deal… Any input is HIGHLY appreciated. They also seem to be offering another 10% off and free shipping if you purchase two sets, so if anyone in the Dayton area would like to split that with me, it would save us a bit more. Not to mention, we get free t-shirts with the order… which to me seems like a pretty pathetic marketing gimmick, but none the less… Anyone have any experience? Thanks in advance guys. Also… Maybe we can get a group buy discount going? Just a thought!
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