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msx 140 more power?

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hey guys, does any one no wat upgrades my 03 msx140 can get to make it get some more grunt.. cheers
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yer thought about swapping FI for carbs but a mate had some problems with his when he tried it!!! never seemed to run right.. i'll give the exhaust and prop a look up and see wat i get cheers
Awsome Jetski Mate Bloody Good Job, Wat I'm Looking For Is Speed, Just Spent A Thousand On Some Mods But Am Wanting To Spend More To Get It Beting Some Of My Mates Basic 215 Supercharged Seadoo's, I'm Just Thinking About Getting Into Amature Racing Noting Much On Offer Down Tassie.. Can U Give Me Some Advise,, Do Ya Have An Email Address.. Best Mate Is A Marine Machanic Aswell.. Cheers Matt
anyway to get good improvements without carbs???
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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