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msx 140 more power?

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hey guys, does any one no wat upgrades my 03 msx140 can get to make it get some more grunt.. cheers
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If you convert to carbs you need to update the ignition system as well, probably why you're not getting good results.
The Matrix run in the 70MPH area with 44's and trippple pipes.
Are you looking for more power or speed??
Check out my gallery link below and check out the trippple piped Matrix's.
Install a second gasket under the cylinder and raise the port. You will lose a touch at the bottom but the high end will be improved.
Adjust the TPS to see as close to 1oo% as possible.
Install an 04 ride plate.
Increase your current wedge by 2 degrees.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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