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I was wondering if anybody has some advice to offer. A few weeks ago, I was having fun with 7-9 ft seas out in the Atlantic. Well, I got a little bit too brave and decided to try and surf one of them monsters. The wave fliped me and spit me out. By the time I was able to catch up with my ski and turn it over, 10 minutes elapsed. The LCD cluster appeared to have condensation in it and gave the appearance such as antifreeze in a puddle of water. It hadn't worked since....Nothing else was damaged and the screen shows absolutely no sign of puncturing or abuse.
I called the dealer and they get almost $1K for a replacement! I have not been sucessful in finding a good used one either. I have ridden the ski since and it seems to be fine. However, I am concerned that If there is a problem I will not know, and risk ruining the ski (overheat /oil mixture). My question: Is this instrumentation a plug & play or does it have a part in shutting the machine down (sensors) in the event of a potential component failure? Should I ride or fix ? Thanks for any help or advice...Happy riding!
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What type of ski is it? It should have anything to do with putting the ski into limp mode, it will just tell you why it went to limp mode and yes, most are "Plug and Play" Look around for a used one that is in good shape, mabey you will have some luck there

It is a 2000 Kawi 1100 STXDI
Like I mentioned, it is probably a plug and play(Don't know Kawi real well) and is not going to hurt the performance of your machine until you get a new one. I am sure you will be able to find something on Ebay or even better, find someone here on the forum under the classifides. Good luck to ya...
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