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Hi all,

I have attached a picture of the area I have a question about.

On one side of the ski the cover/polaris emblem is coming loose and doesn't seem to fit like it should anymore. It has become annoying because it hangs down just enough to spray water into the footwells and eventually causes the ski to lean to that side. When going at faster speeds it doesn't matter because the water runs out the back anyway, but when taking people for rides that are not ready to go fast it becomes an issue.

The piece is just a bit of molded plastic that covers the connection between the 2 different bumper edges that line the hull. I was hoping there was just something I could do to tighten it back down, but isn't much there to work with.

If anyone has had much experiance with bodywork on the MX140's or has any other tips on how to remedy this it would be much appreciated. I would just like to remove the thing but then it would look kinda bad and I don't want that either.



1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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