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My '05 GPR 1300

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Hey everyone!! Figured I'd get things started here.
(I noticed Hydrotoys is in the house too. Hopefully he'll check in from time to time. One of the most knowledgable GPR gurus around!!!

Anyhow, one of my rides is an '05 GPR with some minor tweaking. I've installed:

R&D modified rideplate

R&D two bar intake grate

Riva pump plug kit

Cut some holes in the hood and bucket for more airflow through the engine compartment

Installed some FlowRites in the seat for more airflow

Hydroturf seat cover

Aftermarket ProTaper bars and UMI finger throttle

Stepped stock sponsons

Pet Tach

Filled the rideplate holes

Anyway, hope to be hanging around here some. Maybe we can get this place rockin' a little bit!!!

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clean lookig ride:thumbsup:
I have an 06 GP1300r and was curiosu about what you had done to your 05.
You said you "Cut some holes in the hood and bucket for more airflow through the engine compartment"...
What's the positive on doing that, and also can that cause water to leak in causing damage???

Is it something you would suggest I do on my 06?????
Is it as simple as it appeared--just drill the holes, like in your pics, and done???

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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