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My Honda is blowing up oil filters !!!

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This one really has me puzzled, Here's the scoop.

2003 Aquatrax Turbo, I just bought the thing recently,(my first ski). It was a basket case, hasn't run in probably 5 years. Well, we fixed the corroded wire harness, frozen Turbo, and fabricated an aftermarket waste gate actuator to replace the original one that was a blob of rust. New oil, New plugs, cleaned her up and she ran.

We ran it on our test stand for a couple of days, about an hour total. Got it running real nice, idles fine. Well, when we got done cleaning her to take her out on the water, I decided to run it one more time just to make sure. That is when all of the sudden at about 4000 rpm, oil shoots out from the O-ring seal on the oil filter. WTF ?? :dunno:

I took of the filter, reset the seal, and replaced the filter, except this time I tightened it on a little more than normal. When the engine was revved, you could see the filter move. Well, it blew out again.

I put a different oil filter on it, (Wicks car filter), to see if maybe I just had a bad filter. Started her up and she blew the seal out of the bottom of this filter too.

I need somebody who's a lot smarter than I am to tell me what's going on here. I'm not familier with this type of engine or how the oil pressure is regulated.

I would guess it either has to do with a pressure relief valve for the oil pump, (if it has one), or maybe something is clogging an oil passage.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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