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My ride this weekend

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Here's a picture of my Matrix's and my buds Denali (kick ass ride). Did I mention we were out for over 4 hours on a tank of gas? Yes the stage 2 has a little problem and I'll check it tomorrow.


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Yes were were out for over 4 hours. I was riding the red Matrix that was running. I did not break it. Al did let me ride the stage 2 for over 3 hours though. Oh I forgot to tell you that I was only going 5 mph. We did have a good time though. I have the sun burn to prove it. Al, thanks for inviting me to go up with you. You did snore loud on the way back. :D I will have to get my 785 Pro up and running again.
Yeah my face is still feeling the burn, good thing it wasn't any hotter.
We missed Evan, he was there.
We missed my neighbor, they were on the water.
I only snored so I could make sure you didn't fall asleep. :cheeky4:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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