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header = wrong not vs110 it should say vx110

in case anybody else has same problem, my vx110 engine did not start after battery was low and engine not run for long time.
charged battery but engine did not start.
removed ignition coils and 1 was rusted in, the others were full of rust too, but wd40 and lots of trying finally removed the coil and in this process the coil damaged completely,
removed sparkplugs they were also rusty.
bought new set (4 plugs and 4 coils) at they had best price and shipping via fedex anywhere in the world.
cleaned the 4 holes and creamed the thread of the plugs and the coils with some white lithium grease from the spraycan, so it wont rust too easy and mounted all back.
after some rev of the starter it started ok and running good again. :)
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