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My waverunner has turned into a welder. Last time i took my 1992 wr111
out I went to flush it and it wouldnt stop turning over.
I pulled the battery cables and am now trying to figure out where the
electrical problem lies. I disconnected every butt splice in the electrical
box one component at a time and it still arcs when i go to connect the
positive cable to the battery. I put an ohm meter on the black lug in
the electrical box to the block and it measures open. I imagine since
this is the ground I have an open to ground. Where are the grounds so
i can check their integrity one by one. Would running a jumper wire
from this ground lug to the block then see if i am still arcing prove
anything? I was advised to buy a new starter relay by several folks
which I said I tested and tested ok and did put a new one in, still same
trouble. 50$ :( 1992 yamaha wave 111 wra650. Thank you folks in advance.
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