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My New honda f-12 is tipping.

Basically, it has a balance problem. When I'm cruising at about 30 mph or higher, if I try to ride a straight line the jetski starts trying to lay over on its right side. I have to make turns to the left to keep from tipping. If I want to ride a straight line, by slightly turning to the left I can keep it balanced, but the jetski is riding slightly sideways.

Also, when I turn a tight circle to the right, it is difficult to come out of it without tipping.

These are brand new, I'm very concerned because the dealer is attributing it to weight sensitivity, but it doesn't matter where I shift my weight, it keeps wanting to lay over on its right side.

Do these things have alignments? What can I do? I'll be paying for these things for 6 years, and I don't feel they are safe to ride.

If anyone has any insight, please feel free to reply or contact me.

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