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Nasty Surprise

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I picked up a Tigershark Monte Carlo 1000 about three weeks ago with the intentions of rebuilding it this winter. The guy I picked it up from had already removed the jugs and one of the pistons, so I checked out the crank, re-built the top end, re-built the carbs, and replaced a number of old parts. Thought everything was fine until I hooked it up to the flush kit and ran it today. After 15-20 seconds on the hose, I still didn't see water coming out of the exhaust or anything. The engine was idling perfect at this time. Fearing the worse, I shut off the water, then the ski, and saw that there was about an inch of water in the bilge (the ski had not been in the water since last year, so big Uh-Oh). After several minutes of searching I find that the freeze plug for the water gallery is missing.

I am going to pick a new one up tomorrow, but does anyone know how to get it back in the hole? I am going to try a prybar approach that I have heard of before, but the hole that it goes in is completely accessible, so I don't think the engine has to be pulled.
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use a socket on an extension that will just fit inside the freeze plug and tap it in til it's just below the block surface
make sure everything is clean before you install a new one
some people use the expanding type with good luck
Thanks jeep.

My next door neighbor lent me his bearing and seal punch set to put the plug in. Pretty much the same idea, but these are all flat on the ends. He also pointed out the good tip to pick up several as it is easy to screw it up and not get it straight.

what is the status on this ski?
I replaced the freeze plug (and and have two spares now). I got it half broken in before I noticed a severe crack around the fuel filler neck. The small amount of water in the bilge was milky so I looked for oil leaks and it turned out to be the filler. Not wanting to blow up the ski, I trailered it and have to buy the new filler neck.

Luckily, the first two runs of the engine break-in worked fine, but the ski really did not like the premix with the oil injection. Way too much oil and started fouling the plugs quickly.
Thanks jeep. I picked up the Tigershark part (Purple filler neck) from my local Arctic Cat dealer on the way home yesterday for $6.17 with tax.

As a quick FYI to any shark owners in the Chicago area, Route 12 Arctic Cat (, located in Arlington Heights, does do Tigershark repair/maintenance.
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