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Looking to buy the sea-doo RXT 260 IS. (Intelligent Suspension
iS offers six inches of separation between you and the water, isolating you from the impact of rough water. So you can ride longer and more comfortably. ....)

Anyone had any experience with this new feature of intelligent suspension?

Does it work or is it just a gimmick?
I own a RXT-is 255, I am currently selling it for $10,500.00 w/trailer. When I bought it back in 09 I thought the suspension would be more of a watercross set-up not a touring suspension. I was happy with it running in chop up to about 1 foot. The concept, now that I have ridden it for about 30 hours, is to insulate the bumps and jars of moderate chop by allowing the hull to rise up to the deck without the deck moving much. It does this well like a touring suspension should. However it does not do well in 2-3' seas in open water at 35-50 mph. I thought it would be like my snowmobile suspensions that Skidoo makes for Snocross. Instead it was like a big yellow pogo stick with the suspension recoiling and launching you higher in the air than a standard ski. Some friends and I went right down the center of the Chesapeake Bay to Red Eyes dock bar in Kent Narrows. Went about 45 miles one way then rode back. I thought I was going to get hurt with all the bouncing and jarring. That ride convinced me that this was not what I wanted. When I mentioned this to the dealer he agreed that it was not designed for that kind of activity. He said quote you love it or you don't.

So what I can say is that if you want this for moderate chop 1' or less it is great. Anything over that is an adventure. Then my dealer said thankfully there is not a big bunch of nuts like me riding like superman at 50 mph in 2-3' seas :laugh:

So there you have it.
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