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Need advice on buying a 98 gsx limited

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Hi all im new to the forum and looking to buy my first jet ski. It's a 98 gsx limited. its got 30 hrs and im looking to buy it from its original owner( father in law). Is $3100 a good price? what problems should i look for when buying? any help would be great, thanks
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try or kelly blue book
I JUST bought a 1998 GSX Limited Red/Purple. I am in Texas and got it from the original owner. These (some) had problems and many blew their engines which was the case of this one, BUT he had it rebuilt by a shop that is very reputable 4 years ago and it looks NEW except for a few light scratches here and there. I called the shop and they knew the seadoo and the lady actually rode it when they had it serviced and said it was a very nice ski.

From 5 feet away it looks new. He also had a RacePak Monitoring system installed which shows all the temps etc so it and said it was approx ($500) it also came with a nice trailer with new tires and an extra spare also new and everything worked. I thought I might have paid a little too much, but under what the kelly blue book listed with a trailer ($2,900 for ski and trailer was approx $250 on Kellys), he also threw in 2 life vests, a tow rope, some seadoo synthetic 2 cycle oil, trailer (which all works perfectly), wheel chokes, and the cover which had some spots on it in the front nut otherwise looked ok.

I paid $3,000 which seemed fair, but I saw a few on ebay for $2500 (not sure it came w/trailer). He started it up and it cranked right up for 5 seconds. I forgot to look at overall hours because it had to be running and didn't want to start it out of water again, but the NEW engine obviously has much less hours, he said maybe50-80??? I could hook it to a computer at a repair shop and they can tell you exactly.

Again, since I knew the history (kinda) I felt good about buying it. Here is a picture of the ski with the guy I bought it from (Not Me on it). That si how it looks in person.

The very underneath of the hull right in the middle had scratches (just looked tonight), but the rest didn't at all abd I could get those out somewhat if I tried. You can't see them anyway unless you crawl under the trailer.

Ask how many hours, what engine work was done, original owner, etc etc etc. I am no expert, but good luck to you

Just ask a lot of questions....

I am maybe going to try her out Sunday. He winterized it and had fuel stabilizer, but I bought a siphon and siphoned 9 gallons of gas out so I can put fresh gas in it when I try her out the first time. He always used premium.

Take Care

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Hi, I'm talking without research because I'm new to SeaDoo. I just bought (keep the economy in mind) a 97 GSX with 240 hrs that looks and runs excellent for $1300 with a Zieman (or whatever there called) trailer for 2. Now that being said, I was horrified by the vibration at idle-it sounded like a rod knock. Oh, I bought it with no ride test so it was a gamble-you know yours is good. I researched the knock, and most* say that's a trait SeaDoo knock in the drivetrain.
*some say the rod/s are gone(That's what I thought first time I heard it).

Not to drag it out anymore, I've put on maybe 10 more hours on it with no problems.

UPDATE>>>> i just looked up the limited and it's 130hp (the GSX I have is 110) so mine is worth a chunk less.
Anyway, alot of talk but I think $2000-2200 this time of year. I got my GSX(not as kick ass) with trailer for $1300 (keep that in mind).
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