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Hi Everyone:

I'm new to the forum. Just got my 96 Kaw 1100 ZXi in the water today.

When I got is the carbs were loaded up with oil. I did a rebuild, replacing everthing except the fule pump blocks and I did not touch any of the needles. Blew carb cleaner and air though all and am pretty sure everything is clear and have no leaks.

So here are the symptoms:

1) Coming off idle too fast causes stall. I'm pretty sure that means the accellerator pump is not pumping. I rebuilt it and checked that it was hooked up right to the lever on the throttle.

So my question is does the accellerator pump need to be primed? And if so, is there a way to do it without pulling the carbs off?

2) Coming off full trottle quickly causes stall. What would cause this if it will idle or not stall if you gradulaly decellerate to idle?

Thanks to anyone who has experience with this who can help me.


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