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I recently acquired a 92 Kawasaki JH750A 750SS in excellent condition except that it had no engine, starter, or carburetor. So I need a complete engine, but I have no core to send in as Group K requires. I would like a fresh engine mildly modified that can run on 92 octane gas. Who is the best source for a complete engine?
Also, if I watch ebay for an engine, will all variations of the 750 models (750SS, JH750-B, JH750-D, JT750-A, 750 ZXi, 750 Zsi, JT750), engines work in my 92 750SS?
Furthermore, can any of the later model 900 or 1100 engines be made to work easily (maybe with minor modifications) in a 92 750SS?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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