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Need General Hose Attachment for Thrust Nozzle

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Hello. I have a need to attach a 3" - 4" diameter hose, about 60 - 100' length, to the nozzle of my 2012 FX Cruiser HO waverunner. I started to think of looking for special hose clamps, and then finding flexible pressure hose, and needed stuff at some industrial supply, but I thought better to check here first to see if anyone else has done it. Important note: this is NOT for a aerial sky surfing contraption, I've looked into the only one left marketing one and it's got way more stuff than I need, is too expensive, and wouldn't really be usable in my situation. So forget that, thanks.

I need for the ski to be running at high idle (or say 40-50% thrust) floating with a throttle assistant on the ski following my calls for throttle up/down, while I use the high pressure water output to do "chores" which only a hydraulic mining sort of thing can do on my shoreline.
So if any of you have done this or know someone who knows the right source for the hose and clamping equipment I'd appreciate your input.
Yes, the business end of my hose will have to be anchored or fixed somehow into something well anchored into the ground lest the thing come out of my hands and beat me to death. I was told I couldn't hold it in my hands at anything above about idle.
Thank you!
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