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I need help with a hard starting problem. It is an 01 900 with the stock carbs. After sitting for a week it is very hard to start. I installed a priming bulb to pump up the carbs but it didn't help. It will just crank and crank with the choke on and never pick up. As soon as a little ether is used and the engine gets some rpms it picks up and is fine the rest of the day. It runs smooth and starts everytime untill it sits for a week again. I am very familiar with a venturi style carb but don't know much about constant velocity carbs. I am going to search out a manual to make sure the carbs are set up correctly but any help would be appreciated. If you know of a past thread that would help, just send me the link. Thanks in advance.

Knoxville, TN :dunno:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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