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O.K. first off I am a new guy here so hello everyone. We own 2 polaris virage 3 seaters. They are both 2000 models. We took them out this weekend for the first time in 2 years. Everything at first was great but when we returned to the ramp Saturday evening it went south real quick with the one pwc. I pulled the drain plugs and the hull was full of oil. So after pulling off the seat I really didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I did notice that on top of the oil canister there was oil as well. So after looking back in there I seen some rubber looking thing with a rod and a black bushing that slides up and down on the rod. It has a 2 wire harness connected to it. It was pushed up out of the canister some. So I figured thats where all the oil came from. So I pull it out and stuck some rtv around the top of it and shoved it back in to seal it tight. So I filled it back up with oil and took it back out the next day. After riding for about 20 minutes or so that was all she wrote. The thing just quit running. It wouldn't start again. So I yank the seat off and noticed that everytime you hit the start button the impeller shaft turns about a 1/4 inch and thats it. Nothings clogged or anything. the motor will not turn over or nothing. Now on the other one we own. I did the same thing with the oil level thingy. I rtv around the black rubber piece up tp and stuck it back in. Plugged the harness back in and now it always says I have no oil. But if I open up the front compartment and pull out the tub you can see that its full with oil. Not sure what's going on with that one. Any help on the 2 of these would be great.
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