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Hi all
bought a 05 rxt with a supposed tied up engine. fellow i bought it off of said he was idling into a marina and it just stopped.
super charger looks good spins freely so took engine out and tore it down engine block all blued got hotter then hell. bolts sheared off the front magneto/flywheel what ever ya want to call it. so decided on a different motor. question is does anyone know of a chart that shows the EIN and what motor it is. I have the Ein number on my machine and another engine i am wanting to buy. pretty sure mine is a 215 just want to be sure that the one i am looking at is a 215 and not a 185.

off my ski EIN m6246110

other engine Ein m6095303

Was really hoping to be able to find a chart that would tell me motor compared to EIN

any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated
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