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I have an '06 FX Cruiser 1100 HO in the shop for some minor repairs to hull side-straight forward enough. Trouble is none of the three dealers I have contacted can tell me the sub-model based on the HIN# so I can order the correct replacments for the stbd rubrail, insert, aft corner and most difficult is the stbd hull graphic. Parts lists and diagrams are every where but determining which package is on the boat is the problem.For each part there is a sub model designation ..LS1..YB...etc. Don't know which part #s to choose nor can any of the dealers seem to say definitively. Boat has Silver grey rail w/ black insert and silver/grey nose and corners. HULL/deck color all black.

Any help would be greatly appreciated-A number for a dealer who really knows and stocks parts would be great. Need parts quick to turn job.
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