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Hello all. I bought a 99 SLTX recently, and while the motor runs strong, we realized the first day we had it in the water that we were having trouble turning right (as it it wouldn't do it at all).

After taking it out of the water, it appears that the PVC peice that holds the steering cable in place has somehow broken, meaning that the steering cable was pulling frrely in and outrather than being locked in place.

I saw it was PVC and thought it would be a really easy fix, but the peice that screws on and holds it together (the on that broke) seems to be a 5/8 inch thread PVC cap of some sort. Half of it was missing, so I'm not sure exactly what it should look like.

THe steering cable seems to be fine, and all other peices are fine, but the parts fiche does not seem to show anything for this PVC assembely, just the rubber washer. (which I mistakenly now own a couple extra)

Does anyone have a part number for this peice, one laying around I can buy form them, or any general help on how to replace it? None of the plumbing shops near me have anything that is 5/8 inch thread that I can make work, and I would like to not have to engineer a fix for this.

Any help is appreciated. I'll try to post a picture soon if it will let me. THanks!!!!!
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