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Need help on my RXP.. Overheating

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Hey everyone. Newbie here..

I just bought an 06' RXP brand new and I just hit 10 hours. I was out on the lake Saturday and it started beeping at me "Exhaust" and then shut down. I looked under the seat and it was smoking really badly. After looking into it more, the exhaust was very hot and the sensor was melted.
I towed it back, ran water through it in my garage and nothing happened. Ran great. Took it back out and it immediatly started to overheat again as well as take some water in. I popped the plugs and really really warm water came out. A lot of water actualy.
I bought this brand new 3 weeks ago and like I said, I only have 10 hours on it and now it quits. I called the dealer and they arent to eager to put this as a warranty item.
Can anyone help me on what to do?? I could use some help on this so I dont walk into the dealer and not be able to defend a warranty issue. Thank you very much and love the site...!
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fight them
You may still have break in oil in your watercraft. That will need to be changed, otherwise your warranty will not be in tact. Good luck!!
okobojimatt said:
You may still have break in oil in your watercraft. That will need to be changed, otherwise your warranty will not be in tact. Good luck!!

I also looked underneath at the prop and it looks a little chewed up.. Is that normal? Sorry for the dumb Q's but when it comes to jet powered motors I havent a clue..
I am bringing it up to the dealer this afternoon.. Hope they dont charge me. I know I need maintenence but the overheating I dont get..
Thanks for the replies..
You may have to have the 10 hour check done, and that will be at your expense, it may fix your overheating problem, if not I would assume that the fix is under warranty unless it is from sand, rock, etc ingestion which would not be covered. If under your jet is chewed up you may be running it in too shallow of water or beaching it too much. That will not be covered by warranty
I know my brother got it into some shallow water but he said he pulled the weeds out and it ran fine. I couple days later was when it started to over heat. If I have to eat this cost I will be extremely pissed. Its starting to look like im coming out of pocket huh?
I can uderstand being upset about it. I work at a Sea Doo dealership and we see this time and time again. What more so, ticks you off, is that it wasn't you who did it. If weeds get stuck in the impeller it can screw things up. I wouldn't jump to conclusions yet, it may be something totally different. I really hope the best for you. :)
I just dropped it off and they are thinking its a failed hose. The boat runs great in the garage with a hose hooked up to it but on the lake, it overheats. The I pull the plugs and hot water pours out. They really dont think it anything to big. I know I need a new sensor (it melted) and maintenence done. Then they said they will call Seadoo to see if they will honor a warranty. I guess I'll just have to wait.
If I do have to eat this, do you know what it will run? Roughly?
Thanks again for the relplies.. Very much appreciated..
Ok, after almost 2 weeks my Machine will be done tomorrow. They dealer said its was a burned out exhaust sensor and it should be covered under warranty. If not, im looking at $250.00.. I also had the 10 hour maintenence done as well. I hope this fixes the problem..! Like I said, I ran it in my garage with a hose and it never overheated but when I took it on the lake the sensor went off in like 5 minutes and started smoking. Does anyone know why if I run a hose in the back there are no problems but sucking taking out on the lake it overheats?
Thanks again for all the replies! It is much appreciated!
you always should run on the hose after any riding
Ok guys, I know im a pest but I am clueless... The dealer calle dme and said when they took it out on the lake it overheated again. They told me the problem is the pump assembly. He said that the prop looks a bit chewed from possibly a rock. Do I need the full assembly (with only 9 hours on the machine) or can I just get by with buying a new prop. Theyt called it the impellor assembly.. Can a prop a little nicked up cause it to over heat??
get a prop from sbt
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