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Hi I need help I just bought a 2004 sxr that was winterized by the previous owner with fogger and fuel stablizer. Before I ran it I added a skat trak impeller itake grate and ride plate, I took it out and it ran great. Three days later I took it out and it ran great the first ride got back on it and I'd pull the throttle and then there was like a 2 second delay but then had great top speed, I slowed down to turn and pulled the throttle again and there was more delay.
I thought I fouled the plugs so I changed them took it out it ran even worse pulled the throttle all the way and only ran have speed for like 5 seconds then speed up quickly let off the throttle and then it did the same thing.
Came home checked the compression it was the same in each cylinder checked the prop and it was clear, checked the carbs and they both fully open up. Could the prop be put in wrong cause I don't have the rubber bushing all the way on and it looks like the rubber seal around the prop housing is smashed in a in one spot.
Please Help
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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