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Need help with 92-94 Kawasaki 750ss

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I just received a 92-94 Kawasaki 750ss from my neighbor; it was sitting in his back yard for quite some time. I was just wondering what I should do in terms of making sure its running right and will continue to run right. I noticed that a hose that was used in the oil injection process was very brittle and broken, so I replaced it with a rubber hose that was lying around in my garage (vacuum hose or something, will that suffice?) After doing that I hooked it up to a hose for water intake, and poured some gas in, hooked it up to a battery and then after about ten minutes of cranking over and such it started up and sounded fine to me. I was wondering if I needed to get special oil for the oil injection or will the Pennzoil 2 stroke marine oil do? I was also reading on the forum about blocking of the oil injector and just pouring mixed gas into the tank, would you recommend that? Also my neighbor said that his son got a rope caught some where in the engine and when the Jet Ski is planning out the propulsion is screwy, any way I could fix that? This is my first jet ski and I don’t know much about them. I figured a free jet ski was the way to start, so please any info would be greatly appreciated.
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add seafoam in the gas
use injector oil, not pre mix oil
change plugs
look for rope in the impeller
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