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I have been a visitor of the site for some time, I just never posted.
I need some help. I have a 2007 Ultra 250x that has a locked up motor.
We et some friends use it while on vacation we tried to use it and it is locked up. After doing some checking we found the motor as well as the jut pump are both locked up tight.

Not sure how or why, i heard that the intakes have issues of leaking but i'm not sure. Spoke to the Kawasaki dealer and they don't offer engines for sale.
I find that ridiculous? How does a dealer not sell engines to their products?

Does anyone have any suggestions? Let me rephrase that: any intellegent suggestions!;)
Anyplace to buy re-manned or new engines? Anyone that can help. I don't want to drop it at the dealer to get a $9k quote or something crazy.

For the record I am in Fort Lauderdale.
I appreciate any help.
Thank you

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I looked at and even sbt and they don't have remanned units for the Ultra 250x. Looks like you have to find good independent PWC repair shop in your area and have them rebuild it.
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