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I've always wanted to buy a pwc, but my motorcycle racing took precedence for funds. I finally finished school and now have a job.

I'm looking at getting started for a low amount of $$ to see if I'll like the sport.

My original idea has been to get a stand up jet ski because they seem to be more of a challenge. I would like to have at least one stand up.

I would also like to have a sit down for my girlfriend so she will have something to ride (I'd also like one for variety).

The last time I researched pwc was around 1992. At that time sea doo had just come onto the scene and had the best pwc. It was a sit down model that had 55hp with a rotax engine. I think it went around 55mph which was unheard of at the time (if I remember correctly). So this is my starting point. I'd like something with around this level of performance.

I've seen many pwc on classifieds for very little money. I looked today and see:

1992 sea doo sp (teal blue) for $600 and he will deliver (I don't think he has a trailer though).

1998 yamaha xl760 3 seater (looks more modern) $2500 w/ single trailer

1989 waverunner w/o trailer says runs good $300

1993 waverunner 3 650cc w/new battery runs great (looks like an acceptable sticker set (not teals or purples) for $800 with a single place trailer - this one seems to be a great deal but I'm wondering if this model was a decent model (will it be too boring) I can't find any reviews on it

2- 1998 sea doo xp's (yellow) nice style (seat comes up in the rear like a dirt bike sorta) w/ 2 place trailer for $4500obo

1995 see doo xp and 1996 sea doo spx with 2 place trailer for $2500 both run but need some maintenance

1995 seadoo jet boat 85hp seats 4-5 goes 45mph $4500obo

1996 seadoo gsx with 104 hrs new engine and propeller (prob impeller right?) with less than 5 hrs on them w/trailer $2500

1996 seadoo gsx w/trailer $2450obo

2 Polaris Virage TX Jet skis.3 seaters. Red/white. 1200 cc 135 hp $5500 obo

2003 Sea Doo RxDi with 157 HRS.
2 Seater
951cc 2 Stroke $4200

1995 seadoo sp580 (body in poor shape bottom ok) brand new, new crank , new wsm pistons bored .20 over, new cdi, new pto
drive shaft and drive shaft housing, new hydro turf seat and mats, also has fly racing handlebars and finger throttle $800


1996 Polaris SLX750 $1100

94 Seadoo XP w/ trailer $1800

1995 Kawasaki 900 zxi $1000

As you can see this is going to be a tough decision. There are so many out there at many different price points, but I don't see reviews out there online. Can someone break down what the major breakthroughs and time points have been?

In motocross 4 strokes took over but if you weren't going to race a 2 stroke would be just fine and much less expensive. Is it the same way for pwc?

Has there been major hull advances at a certain year or do they handle similarly from the older to newer?

Is 50hp too low to have lots of fun with. I would think that would be plenty as long as you ride with someone else that doesn't have a 130hp machine. Are the older 55hp machines much lower performers than the newer 130hp ones or are the newer 130hp machines much heavier which reduces their performance?

Would any of the older very low priced models (less than $1000) be worth it at all? Are pwc reliable or are they like cars where there is a point where it would be less expensive to buy a newer one than to try to fix an older one all the time?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks guys.


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Older Is Ok I Have New And Old

We have a new Honda Aquatrax turbo,and a Seadoo 1996 xp 110 hp.the older one will out handle the new one if you cutting up but its no match for comfort,our Daughters husband just bought a 1996 sp 55 hp it,s all you need to play with,just doesn,t hold as much gas.hope this helps.CK THE COMPRESSION !!!!! on what ever you buy.

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Stay away from Sea Doo! Kawasaki and Yamaha are the 2 best to go with, especially with older models. Definitely check the compression and test run them in the water before buying. I am partial to the Ultra 150's or the Yamaha 1100's. If you get around a late 90's or early 2000's model, you can still find some with low hours and in great shape for decent money.

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Thanks guys. I ended up buying a 1997 seadoo xp 110hp (3rd generation hull). I got that along with a 2 place aluminum trailer for $2000.

I also bought a 1994 yamaha fx-1 standup ski for $2200.

The third ski I bought is a modded 2001 yamaha superjet standup for $3000.

The standups are soo much more fun. If you have any patience, the stand up is the way to go. By the fifth time you go out, you'll look like a pro. Each time you'll learn way more than you thought possible.

The first and second time are rough, but by the third time you'll know you can do it well and love it.
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