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I have an 800sxr that is somewhat modified. Ive been trying to get an idea of what impeller I should go to. I have the stock in there now (13/18 I think). I was told that a 12/17 would be best with what I have but it almost seems like the stock is not enough. I'm not sure why I would go to a smaller pitch aside from acceleration.

Scat Trac shows a 14/19 for mod. Im not sure on solas.

Here is what I am running:

ADA Head running 92 pump gas (should be about 180+ psi)
TDR waterbox
Tau Cetti air filters
Vforce reeds
Factory wet pipe
scoop grate
ride plate
pump shoe
dual exhaust out

It has not been jetted (thoughts? what would I use?) I might add a TDR flywheel in the future. I do general riding with some surf riding mixed in. What does everyone think I should put in there.
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