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hi i have a tigershark ski. and what i want to know is....
how dose water get into the crank case?
i pulled the plugs and turned over the motor and water shot out.
then when i thougt it was drying out i put my finger over one hole while
cranking and i got a shower.
how do i dry it out?
note: no external water was hooked to the motor.
the person i got it from may have had a hose hooked to it at one time because the flush line cap was off.
any info you can give me would help.

to tell you about my background i'm a master auto tech.
so i do know how this eng. works.

in my mind the only way for water to get in eng is head gasket or crack in exhaust heat exchanger (maybe) or down the carbs.
i dont know to much about this eng.

thanks for your help. and you can be techincal with me.
you can email me at [email protected]

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no need to dry it out
u need to get it running again
roll over with both plugs out, crank over engine
put plugs bag in and get it running, then u need to run it for at least 20mins at wot
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