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NEED Kawi 550sx Engine!

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If anyone has a 550sx engine that will drop into my 88' Kawi 550sx I need one before summer. I would prefer it to be in running condition, but I will consider one that can be rebuilt, if not in too bad of shape. I'm in Idaho, so it'll probably have to be shipped but I can pay for it.

I prefer a close to stock engine so I can mod it myself and maybe an after market header exhaust, as I already have a can. I would also need the belly plate that mounts under the engine.

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check ebay and craigslist
I already did and Ebay didn't have any listed besides one that looked like a saltwater engine and it was rusty as hell. I'm going to call a shop tomorrow that's in AZ.
i have full working 550sx engine with all parts on
Thanks man, but I already bought one last year, not too long after I posted this thread.

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