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Hey guys! I'm new to jetski's, I've been a quad rider my whole life but now its time to get on something different. I'm looking to buy something used for around $2500-$3000.. I need your opinions on what i should be looking for, I did a lot of research and so far all I know is that Yamaha is the most reliable.. but I'm hearing certain models have problems with power valves, i think on the gp800/1200s 98-2000, but I'm not exactly sure.. my friend is telling me to get a kawasaki zxi.. I'm hearing all types of things lol.. I need your opinions I would really appreciate some real help.. thanks a lot.. heres a few i have in mind:
98-01 yamaha gp800
99-02 kawasaki ultra150
98-02 zxi?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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