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Hey so i just bought my first stand up last week its it has a few problems and hoping someone can give advice on how to fix them. The ski is a 1986 kawasaki 550 bored to a 600. So i fixed a few problems like the water box had a leak in it and the exhaust hose had a crease in it so the exhaust was having trouble escaping. so i ran straight pipe and just pulled the water box out. So the big problem i have now is that water is not flowing through the motor and coming out the pisser. i tried to see if one of the lines were clogged but they were so i was thinking it might be that the exhaust problem it had might have been causing it to do that. I dont live close to the water so it kinda hard to test it out to see if that would fix the water cooling problem. If u have any ideas on what it might be i would love to hear what they are cuz i wanna get this ski on the water. Also if i wanna test to see if water is going through the motor on dry land how can i run a hose or somthing through it?

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