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Good to the forums, and hoping some of you who have more experience can help me out.

My father recently passed away, so my family and I decided to take just a little chunk of our inheritance and use it for some recreational water vehicles. Growing up, I always had boats...but I know how much it 1) costs to buy a boat, and more importantly 2) how much it costs to maintain.

My mother lives on a lagoon (at the Jersey shore), and we decided that instead of laying down tons of cash on a new boat, lets just buy a couple of PWCs. My daughter is just getting old enough that I could take her, I've rented plenty of these things over the years and know that I will certainly enjoy them.

But now here's my weekend, I'm going to the local Kawasaki/Yamaha dealer with every intention on buying 2 PWCs. I've pretty much made up my mind that I'm going with Yamaha...not because I have any problem with other brands (matter of fact, the most fun I ever had on a PWC was about 10 years ago when my buddy took me on his SeaDoo...around Manhatten Island!!!...absolutely a blast...and the thing was fast as hell) go back to what I was saying...I'm buying Yamaha...I've owned a few Yamaha motorcycles over the years, and I just really have a thing with that brand. Now on to the dilema...which ones to buy.

I initially had it in my mind that I would just buy two VX Cruisers....then I went to a Yamaha dealer up here in central Jersey, and saw a VX sitting next to an FX Crusier SHO. At that point, I changed my mind...I'd get one VX (for my wife, sister, mother, friends, etc) and the big boy for myself.

This argument is still going on inside my head. I certainly don't need two SHOs...because I can only ride one but the question the performance difference between a VX and an FX SHO (or even FX HO) that significant??? All I know is that I want to go like I did on that SeaDoo ten years ago. Will a VX give me the kind of power that I need, or will i need to move up to the FX?

I've searched the internet high and low to get performance specs comparing the two, and the closest I could get was a 0-30 mph comparo...
The VX 0-30 was rated at 2.8 seconds, while the FX HO was rated at 2.2...the SHO models tested at 1.5 seconds. So from those stats, the SHO is just about twice as fast as the VX. Also, the guy at the dealer told me that top speed of the VXs are around 55, while the FX models can get up into the 70s.

So my question is, does all of this sound accurate? Also, any riding impressions, general comparisons, etc between the Yamaha VX and FX (don't bother with FZR and FZS...I'm looking for more comfort)would really be greatly appreciated. Bascially, is the approx. 4K difference between the two really worth it. And then is the difference between the FX HO and SHO really that significant.

I really really appreciate any comments as I'd really like to make a decision this coming weekend.


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I have an FX Cruiser HO and it will not get up to 70mph, more like 60 mph. I have rode a FX Cruiser (topped out at 58mph) and can not tell much difference with the extra 20hp on my HO but my guess is that the SHO is a bit faster since there is an additional 55hp. Reports on the web say the SHO tops out at 66mph.

I can tell you that the cruiser is comfy to ride for hours and is great for pulling a tube.

I'm not sure I would buy a new one but thats just me. I just bought an 04 with 22hrs on it for less than half of a new one with trailer.

I think you will be happy with any FX you buy ;)
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