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I was just about to buy a 2009 or 2010 VX Cruiser today from a dealer (light gray), but did not because he told me the only difference was the color of the paint scheme. They only had a 2009 so I could not compare. When I got home I checked and Yamaha says they completely redesigned the 2010 model.
Can someone tell me if they made any changes between the 2009 and 2010 VX Cruiser other than paint color.
When Yamaha says "completely redesigned" could mean they redesigned it 2009 or even 2008.

Any help would be appreciated.
I read someplace that they made a design change to move the center of gravity (back I think). This involved moving the seating position. They also changed the intake grate and sponsons. These design changes were supposed to make the VX handle better, especially in rough water, which is a known issue with earlier VX models. Plus even though it has the same engine, they supposedly made changes that improved the gas mileage by around 10% (but the VX already gets incredible gas mileage). If you look at the spec. comparison on the Yamaha website you will see that the 10 model loses a little fuel and storage capacity as a result of the change as compared to the 09, but all other specs. are the same. The 10 is supposed to be a little more comfortable to ride (more leg room and taller steering column also). Overall these changes are probably worth the $300 price difference in the list price, but may not be worth more than that if you can get a good close out deal on an 09. Also not that significant if you are going to be on a lake, but may be worth considering if you will be spending time in the ocean or making long cruises, but if you are going to be facing rough conditions on a regular basis, I'd recommend considering an FX model rather than the VX anyhow.
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